About Us

Meet Our Team

Alex Goldsmith, MST CPA

  • Alex has a Bachelor’s in Accounting from Ball State University and a Masters of Taxation from the Sturm College of Law at the University of Denver
  • She enjoys fishing with her husband and stepson and being followed around the house by her three dogs, who often demand all of her attention at the same time
  • Alex likes to buy more books than she can read and loves coffee

Cassandra Miller, Operations Manager

  • Cassandra is an experienced manager with a passion for organization
  • Cassandra owned and operated her daycare business for three years
  • She lives with her boyfriend and four of the coolest kids you could ever hope to meet
  • Cassandra loves to read in her spare time and drink coffee all of the time

Stephani Cline, Tax Staff

  • Stephani has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. She comes to us from the banking industry with a focus on client-facing financial services.
  • Stephani lives with her husband and three children where she runs a tight shipwreck.
  • In her free time, she enjoys crafting, painting, going to the beach, and spending time with family and friends.

Our Mission

Empowering Taxpayers, Caring for Clients

Taxes should not be scary or stress-inducing. The fastest way to alleviate fear is to learn more about the subject. Wild Thing Tax is always happy to share our knowledge with anyone who wants it, whether they are a client or not. The Wild Thing Tax staff are not afraid to speak up when misinformation is being disseminated about taxes, and we can always provide support to back up our positions.

Wild Thing Tax is incredibly proud of our ability to discuss the complexities of taxes with clients in a way that they can understand. Some Clients want to know exactly how their taxes work. Others just want to know how much they owe and where to pay it. Most Clients fall somewhere in the middle. We are happy to accommodate all client interest levels.

Wild Thing Tax wants every client to know they need to feel empowered regarding their taxes and even start to view them as an essential tool to help with their life and financial planning. Wild Thing Tax specializes in areas of tax that let us flex our advocacy muscles, and we are ripped! We want all our clients to know that Wild Thing Tax has their back. We want all our clients to know that their CPA will respond to their questions and be available if they ever have a tax emergency (they do exist).

The History of Our Wild Firm

We aren’t your Uncle Jim’s CPA. Unlike most CPA firms, Lastname & Associates CPA did not represent Alex’s personality, and she wanted her clients to know straight away that she was a professional with a personality. So was born Wild Thing Tax!

Alex heard about the troubles that some of the local business owners were facing and didn’t know where to find the answers. The undue stress of tax compliance was a massive burden to these business owners, and Alex knew that without the right kind of help, some of these issues would go unresolved and create more significant problems for the business owners. With the unending support and prodding of her friends, family, and local business owners, Alex decided to start her firm.

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Our Full Range of Services

No matter what you have going on, we can help ensure your tax compliance.

Tax Preparation

We don’t just look at your tax liability. Find out how we can help today!

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Notices, payment agreements, or audits, Wild Thing Tax has your back.

Tax Controversy

Are you mining or investing in Crypto? We are the firm for you!

Crypto Business Consulting

Stay educated on Crypto tax implications by working with us.

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