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Are you searching for a tax preparer to ensure your tax compliance? You’ve come to the right place! Here at Wild Thing Tax, we offer tax preparation services for clients in Syracuse, IN, and all the surrounding areas. No matter what you have going on, we are here to help! We have experience working with individuals, businesses, and sole proprietors. Reach out to Wild Thing Tax today to discuss your situation with a certified tax preparer!

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Individuals, Businesses, and Rental Property

  • Individual Tax Preparation: Almost everyone in the U.S. has a tax filing requirement; your personal or individual tax return is Form 1040, which gets filed with the federal government. Most states also have individual filing requirements, with each state having different rules for filing.
  • Business Tax Preparation: Partnerships and S-Corporations are considered flow-through entities. This means that all income and expenses, while filed on their business returns, eventually flow through to the individual owners, members, partners, or shareholders via a K-1. Learn more about business tax prep by calling us today!
  • Rental Property Tax Preparation: Rental activity is reported on Schedule E of Form 1040. If you are a landlord, this is where you will note your rental income and expenses. Some municipalities require special filings for rental properties – find out your requirements with our help.


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As certified accountant, ee are proud to offer tax preparation services from coast to coast. Whether you are located in Syracuse, IN, like us, or Michigan, we are here to help. Stop your search for tax preparation companies and IRS tax preparers, and call us today! We will walk you through your tax requirements.

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No matter what you have going on, we can help ensure your tax compliance.

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